Right Way to Wear a Wedding Ring

The Right Way to Wear a Wedding Ring

In the old days, a wayward king or duke could order his subjects to remove their wedding rings from one finger and put them on the other. How not to twist, even those in power had only 10 options. Today, no one dictates to the newlyweds to wear the marital symbol of loyalty and love. But for many, this question remains one of the main before the wedding. So what do the traditions say? And where do their roots come from?




Slavs’ left hand was considered “unclean.” That it was not appropriate to wear the symbol of eternal love, but the right was a symbol of power, positive changes, knowledge and in every way revered ancestors. They put an engagement ring on it during the wedding ceremony. With the choice of a finger, everything was easier – Slavs adopted the tradition from the ancient Egyptians, who believed that through the ring finger flows “the arterial of love”; straight to the heart. Today in Ukraine, the ring finger of the right hand is also designed for the wedding ring. The same tradition persists in all Orthodox countries.




Every self-respecting Hollywood melodrama ends with the wedding of the main characters. And during this scene, attentive viewers notice that the movie groom and the bride put each other rings on the left hand’s ring finger. In addition to the United States, this is done in Britain, Italy, Canada, France, Armenia, Japan, and many other countries. The reason is religion. In Protestant and Catholic countries, tradition is explained by the fact that the left hand is closer to the heart. Jewellery is the same worn by married women in many Muslim countries. But in Ukraine, the wedding ring on the left hand is more likely to mislead others. Here it is usually put on the other hand, if one of the spouses died.




Jewish women put an engagement ring on their index finger. It is believed that this decoration will be in the most prominent place on the hand. However, Jerusalem’s custom attributes to wear an engagement ring to the bride on the middle finger.

Gypsies wear it as a pendant on a chain. Perhaps this is because gypsies get married early, even in adolescence. Since they should have one wedding ring for life, the rings are taken “to grow.” The little finger is worn for two reasons. First, it became a little owner, and he moved it on a smaller finger. The second, – so dictates the fashion of recent years.

So, on which finger to wear an engagement ring or take it off and put it for a long time in the closet – it is up to you together with your soulmate. And we are always ready to help lovers find “the same decoration.” In our jewellery store, each pair will choose the decoration to taste. And from May 1, and will receive a discount of up to 50% on products and the opportunity to win an unforgettable trip abroad.

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