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The word "silver" is derived from Latin word “shiny and white”. Silver has a brilliant white metallic lustre that can take a high polish and which is so characteristic that the name of the metal itself has become a colour name. People have been using this precious metal since ancient times.

History & Origin Of Silver

Silver jewellery was worn by the ancient Egyptians and Romans, medieval nobles and wealthy ladies, representatives of Bohemia and high society. However, the first to use silver were Egypt and Mesopotamia. Jewelry made of silver were available only to noble families, as well as the pharaohs and their immediate environment.

In the era of Alexander – the Great, the metal was used in the manufacture of utensils for senior commanders. Silver jewellery has antibacterial properties, which was vital for the hot Asian countries.

Versatility Of Silver

With their metallic bright white feel, lustrous and shiny aura, Silver jewellery finds its place on high in the segment of new age jewellery. Designer silver jewellery is the most popular among the modern segment of jewellery around the world. It is becoming even more admired in comparison to gold jewellery.

Accessories made of silver are popular these days. Silver articles can turn out to be a great gift, the perfect decor for homes, as well as a great way to invest money correctly. Jewellery made of silver are always on trend. Today, they are cheaper than gold, but just as strong and durable. Therefore, silver utensils and accessories are transferred from generation to generation and do not lose their excellent appearance.

The highest order of silver jewellery is 925, which means that 925 parts per thousand silver and 75 parts per thousand other metals (usually copper). This enables beautiful silver jewellery pieces to be created without losing any of their splendours., our online store represents a large catalogue of silver jewellery of the highest quality, which is certified by the manufacturer. Catalog with prices, convenient filters, a laconic form of the order and free delivery in any city of India can be a good dealt with our customers.

Buying Silver Jewellery Online

Silver is also very safe for the skin as it does not have any bad chemical reactions. You can buy silver jewellery at very reasonable price. You can gift a piece of personally designed silver jewellery to your loved ones.

Silver jewellery has even incorporated with fashion industry on a big scale and its demand is growing day by day. is bringing in modern and trendy designs of jewellery so as to suit your choices and taste.

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