The Story of Akshaya Tritiya: Buy Gold Online

Articles Publication date: 28 April 2017

India being a religious country celebrates a number of festivals. Every festival is supposed to be auspicious for buying gold. And the most favorable day to buy gold is believed to be on the “Akshaya Tritiya”. Buying gold is a popular activity on Akshaya Tritiya day for all the Indians, as it is the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity.

In Sanskrit, the meaning of Akshaya is, “the never diminishing,” a day that is believed to bring good luck and success. It is a faith that by buying gold and precious jewellery on the day, they can get enduring prosperity.

Akshaya Tritiya is traditionally marked down for commencing new ventures, for investing and purchasing valuables especially gold, jewellery and diamond. The day is considered good for starting new ventures as any venture initiated on this day is assumed to grow and bring prosperity.


The complete Akshaya Tritiya day is auspicious as per Hindu astrology. So there is no need to look for a special lucky time i.e. no “shubh muhurat” needed on this day.  If you look through the history of ancient Indian heritage you will find that on this day of Vaishaka month, many significant things of great religious value took place.

According to Jain legends, this day is beneficial as centuries ago people from Ayodhya bought gold and jewellery to offer to the King of Ayodhya, Tirthankara Rishabhdev. When Pandavas were in exile they got an “Akshaya Tritiya” bowl from a sage. That bowl produced unlimited food and never turned empty. So, fruits of this day are self-replenishing. According to the ancient Hindu religious Purans, this day marked the beginning of the "SatyaYug" or the Golden Age - the first of the four Yugas.


It is not at all surprising that Indians buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya since it is considered very fortunate and a safe investment. It is also believed that any meaningful goings-on started on this day would be fruitful and eternal. Economically this day is quite productive for marketers as there is more business on the festival to increase their sales. People in India and overseas also buy gold jewellery well in advance and take its delivery on Akshaya Tritiya day.

Traditionally people used to buy light-weight jewellery and gold jewellery but today people are seen preferring diamond jewellery purchases more. People desire to buy gold because it is a precious metal symbolizing Goddess Lakshmi, who brings wealth and prosperity. In recent years, gold has also obtained a good resale value. So buying any amount of gold is now supposed to be a good investment for future, although women are having a special love for gold ornaments.


Many are the reasons for Akshaya Tritiya to be considered a wish fulfilling day. Anything attained on this day is said to be self-replenishing, hence buying gold gives people the surety that their financial condition will boost, enabling them to acquire more gold.  Gold has been part of countless traditions and is considered auspicious. Every special occasion, be it weddings or any festival, is celebrated by buying gold. There is no better way to welcome good fortune in your life on Akshaya Tritiya than buying gold jewellery. Gold24 brings the best options for you right from and bar to jewellery designs.

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